Thursday, April 27, 2017

'Last Chance Gulch Jesters' March 4th set

live at Jesters
near Last Chance Gulch in Helena, Montana

1- "Days of 49"
2- "Vision Quest USA"
3- "Ohtahku"
4- "ND Waza Bat"
5- "Auditor"
6- "Crow Testament"
7- "American Ghost Town"
8- "The Old Revolution"
9- "Boxcar"

Doug Wendt backed by Marc Wendt & Steven D. Powell

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Rainbow Missile Silo Vision

-photo by DC Gregory C.2015-

As this event started Deeling was already preparing to photograph this missile silo by the side of the road, a live relic of the 60's secret "Holding The Public Hostage To Annihilation" dictum detailed in the 2012 book THE MISSILE NEXT DOOR

Saturday April 4th, 2015

We were up earlier watching the Red Moon eclipse. Then on the way home from Bozeman driving up I-15 shortly before sunset, along the Missouri River, towards Ulm, Montana, we witnessed a truly amazing real life personal observation in the region of "Ohtahku", the same general area where another unusual April thunderstorm hit during a Peace Pipe Ceremony when the First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park was blessed and consecrated, as told elsewhere on this website and blog.

True story Blood Red Moon day evening:

While traveling north between Cascade and Ulm, as we came up the rise to the top of the ridge before Ulm, a rainbow rose out of the armed nuclear missile silo just to the right of, and really close to, the freeway. The Rainbow proceeded through the whole valley over a matter of minutes as we traveled along in gentle rainstorm. It bathed all in the path of its glorious prism like a tornado of color. You could see the end of the rainbow all the time as its bottom glow permeated buildings, trees, the sand dunes, the river, everything. It was a visual smudging of violated sacred ground.

We followed it for 5 minutes or so while "Crow Testament" played in the car (off the Ghost Town Sound lp that was already running). As we made the turn through Ulm and up the next hill the mystic rainbow crossed the freeway where another car had stopped to witness the end of the rainbow that then kissed the cliffs as it slowly panned along the last remnant slice of the world's largest buffalo jump and, in a micro-second, disappeared. This area is the site of the Plains Indians largest summer's end gatherings of all tribes, massive in scope, that went on for centuries.

Site of the sight seen:
State Parks MT First Peoples Buffalo Jump
Wikipedia on First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park

Look for more pix in our upcoming "Crow Testament" video

This rarity ranks with the rainbow lightning we witnessed shooting from the tops of thunder clouds into the upper atmosphere for hours driving back from Glacier Park with Grandma Dorothy 20 or so years ago. That event is referenced in the Ghost Town Sound lp song "Summer Is Comin' " in the quick line "Rainbow lightning shoots stratosphere".

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Doug Wendt's GHOST TOWN SOUND Midnight Dread Records tracks listing

Ghost Town Sound is only available as a beautiful hard copy CD by mail order at this time. Please send $15 or more in support of this project to Worldbeat, P.O. Box 536, Black Eagle, MT 59414 or PayPal funds to for immediate shipment. Thank-you.

1- Vision Quest USA (Doug Wendt/Daniel Orlick)
2- Ohtahku (Doug Wendt/Daniel Orlick)
3- ND Waza Bat (Keith Secola)
4- Crow Testament (Sherman Alexie/Indigenous Resistance)
5- Boxcar (Neil Young)

6- Auditor (Doug Wendt/Jimmy Foot)
7- Empty Town (Doug Wendt/Daniel Orlick)
8- Fingerprints (Leonard Cohen/Stan Jones)
9- American Ghost Town (Doug Wendt/Steve Marshall)
10- Tiny Montany (Bob Dylan)

Hidden Bonus Track- Summer Is Comin' (Doug Wendt)

Montana Public Radio's "Open Mic" spotlights Ghost Town Sound's upcoming album

Hosted by T.C. Hirsch, this half-hour program was broadcast over the airwaves on KGPR, Great Falls, MT on November 19th, 2014. Includes Doug Wendt being interviewed on GHOST TOWN SOUND’s cd featuring new album tracks “Vision Quest USA” and “ND Waza Bat”.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

'Sound of the Falls Fest' July 29th set

live at Paris Gibson Park Bandshell,
Ohtahku aka Great Falls, Montana

1- "Summer Is Comin'"
2- "Days Of 49"
3- "Boxcar"
4- "ND Waza Bat"
5- "The Old Revolution"
6- "Witchi Tai To"
7- "Sixteen Tons"
8- "Democracy"
9- "Passions To Ignite"
10- "Ohtahku"
11- "American Ghost Town"
12- "Vision Quest USA"
13- "I Saw The Vortex"
14- "Crow Testament"
15- "Auditor"
16- "Empty Town"
17- "Fingerprints"
18- "Tiny Montany"

Doug Wendt backed by Steven D. Powell, & Doug Sternberg

Friday, July 13, 2012

'Covered Wagons' set July 3rd show

live at the 14th Annual World One Festival,
El Cerrito, California

1- "Summer Is Comin'"
2- "Days Of 49"
2- "ND Waza Bat"
3- "Boxcar"
4- "The Old Revolution"
5- "Witchi Tai To"
6- "Sixteen Tons"
7- "Democracy"
8- "Passions To Ignite"

Doug Wendt backed by Steven D. Powell, Marc Wendt, Jake The Drummer, & Liam The Bassman

Thursday, May 24, 2012

World One Radio features Ghost Town Sound

Doug Wendt's pioneering reggae commercial radio program MIDNIGHT DREAD returned with new, nightly midnight over-the-air and internet broadcasts on World One radio in May 2012. The ground-breaking reggae radio program is back with scarce and fresh selections, all based in the classic, progressive, roots rock reggae fashion that first made MIDNIGHT DREAD influential and popular. Doug's 21st century version of his show also includes several episodes of his GHOST TOWN SOUND Radio specials, an outgrowth of his new live band of the same name where the red, black, and white unite in a unique blend of Reggae, Dub Poetry, Native American and Western styles. GHOST TOWN SOUND Radio also airs often at noon in Wendt's BEST OF ALL WORLDS programs on the bay area's only full-time World Music station KECG, public radio in El Cerrito, California.

KECG's current Station Manager/Educator Corey Mason was inspired by Doug's long-running and highly successful Kennel Club World Beat VJ shows in San Francisco to create a full time world music radio station known as World One Radio. Mason's vision for the East Bay radio outlet only recently reached complete fruition. World One also carries Doug's NATIVE SON RISING, music by and for indigenous peoples, now in its 12th season, at 6am every day. KECG has made major improvements in its two towers' signals at 88.1FM in El Cerrito and 97.7FM in San Pablo in order to more fully cover the bay area's inner rim. It's also finally started streaming globally, online through the Listen Live button at or directly via by searching worldOneradio.

24/7/365, that's World One Radio featuring kultimultural musics with a message for all generations, curated thoughtfully by real deejays, acting locally, rippling globally. Perhaps the world's only true full time radio station to actually feature all the world's music united in word, sound, power, and place. Songs from GHOST TOWN SOUND can be heard through-out all programming.

Doug's every day of the year show times on World One:
Native Son Rising: 6-7am Pacific Time
Best of All Worlds: Noon-1:30pm Pacific Time
Midnight Dread: Midnight-1:30am Pacific Time

vintage press clippings on Midnight Dread, Kennel Club etc.
World One Radio/Festival website with Listen Live button
World One Radio stream on Shoutcast